gardening lindfield

Gardening in lindfield you will know a constant care and follow up is extremely important for a healthy garden, and one of the most horrifying things that can happen to a perfectly well maintained garden is that it can be attacked by a pathogen like fungus, bacteria or a virus which can destroy all your plants in front of your eyes. As due to lockdown and spread of coronavirus throughput the world most of us spends a lot of times in our homes hence it is the best time to give attention to your garden and save it from destroying. Taking necessary precautionary measures will prevent your garden from destroying or catching unnecessary diseases. Some measures and proper knowledge about certain plants and their sustenance you can take beforehand can save your plants in future.

Examine your plants before buying

A little extra effort before buying your seeds and plants will avoid having issues and diseases later on. Its better and beneficial for you to surf a little and search for the difference between a sick or unhealthy plant and a healthy plant so you don’t regret buying it later on. It always go in your favour if you do a little homework and read some books on plants or search it on internet to recognize a good and a bad plant to keep your garden free of parasitic attack. Check the root quality of your plant plus the top leaves if they look fresh, the roots should always be firm, upright and place all over when you place it in the soil or a pot because even if the top of the plant looks healthy a rotted root can destroy your whole plant within days.

Always use fully composted waste

A semi composted waste have pathogens and bacteria in it as it is not gone under high pressure cleaning in st.ives temperature to kill all parasites. So it is of immense importance that the compost you use as a mulch in your garden for your plants should be fully composted to prevent any possible disease to attack your plants and destroy the beauty of your garden.

Look for the bugs and clean up in fall

For a healthy garden you would have to take a little pain and responsibility to keep a constant check and look on your garden for any bugs and insects that can destroy your garden ad eat your plants, so it’s extremely important to keep looking for the type of bugs that often visit your garden and then spray the required pesticide to remove them and prevent other insects in future to keep your back yard healthy and pest free at all times. Deep clean your garden in every fall to maintain it for the rest of the year from fallen leaves,