APPLE Is Not As Safe As It Looks


Apple has been infected with malware in the App Store, several applications were affected, among which are included WeChat, Taxi service, Didi Chinese kuaidi and scanning tool CamCard cards. The malware containing malicious code that could hijack URLs as well as read and write data such as passwords.

The code was injected XcodeGhost, a counterfeit version of Xcode from Apple that is used to develop applications for iOS and Mac.

Apple said it had removed the affected applications from the App Store and it is working with developers to ensure they are using the correct version of Xcode to rebuild their applications.


What is alarming about the incident is that numerous reliable applications infected with malicious code managed to pass the code review Apple undetected.

How safe do you think Apple devices?





WhatsApp is always including new features in its messaging application, this time the new function which already working on is the option to share directly from the application screenshots that are made, so there will not have to rely on imports from the Gallery of the image , which increase the usability and speed of sharing.

The courier company never stops working to offer more options and keep pace in the market for his competitors to beat them in number of users.


Share screenshots on WhatsApp is an important option for users as they can share conversations directly without having to go through various steps.

By the time this new feature is not available for WhatsApp or the trial of development, since it is still in a period of implementation and translation

Tell us, what do you think of this new option WhatsApp?




FIFA is one of the greatest football games prized by users, then a review of its features in FIFA 16 version will be made.

FIFA 2016 brings changes in terms of agility and dynamism, the players are not as agile as before when rotated on its axis versions, plus the players are not machines that can throw passes to teammates who are just in their back.

Players now have more control of the ball, are given touches of more and learn to control these situations is important because now passes are not given away.



FIFA 16 limits we touch fast ball at any cost, which does not mean we can not play a much less touch, and penalizes us in driving the ball. It is a major change in a saga that in its previous version rewarded one on one above all things, with the ball players being more flexible and having greater mobility.

Another change in FIFA 16 is on the defense, as it has improved animations but mainly in reaction speed. Defenders who are unable to turn to cover a diagonal of a front of FIFA 15 are over, here react in time, correct adverse situations well.

FIFA 16 is notable for the novelty of women’s football, you can enjoy 16 national teams. Most significant in this way is certainly as touch and recreation of parties is different from the male players. Less precision, the ball so close to the foot and movements that have been created with a certain grace.


FIFA 16 improved the problems identified in FIFA 15. The game has a completely revamped, effective and realistic defense system in which tools are available to stop the most skilled forwards through defenses that anticipate, correct position and react in time. In addition, improved system-wide mechanical distant shots and passes, much less automatic and less accurate than before.

Best of FIFA 16

  • The defense, totally improved: finally you can deal with lightning Front
  • ┬áReview and improve the system of passes and shots less automatic and less accurate
  • The real sense that the collective whole game wins ahead of one on one
  • There is a FIFA for each type of player thanks to its modes: Pro Clubs, FUT, Carrera, Cooperative, Seasons

Worst of FIFA 16

  • The success rate rebounds or set pieces are somewhat high
  • Plays in which rebounding just benefit an attacker.

Tell us, what do you think of the new FIFA 16?