The reason why cloud computing  from Platform 24 is this popular and is essential in every and all kinds of the businesses is because of the number of the advantages it gives to these business that not only increase the efficiency of their business procedures but earns them higher profits. Some of these key benefits of the cloud services are given below.

IT cost is reduced:

Every hardware has the limited capacity of the storage and therefore, it may not be possible to change it every now and then once your data surpasses that limit. In this case, you may have two options either discard some of the data to reduce its size or change the hardware. Both of these methods comes at a cost but fortunately you have been given with the third option which saves your data without the need to buy the expensive hardware. Not only the hardware cost is reduced but with the cloud services you do not need to have your own IT team and therefore, you not have to pay for their training or their wages.


With the cloud services you do not have to worry about the expansion of your businesses because if expansion in the business would mean expanding your data capacity and other related resources but with the cloud services you can easily expand it by increasing the package limit from your MSP.

Continuous business operation:

If the power supply is cut off from your company or due to some reason the building caught fire, then your access of the data could be disrupted if you have the hardware in your building but with the cloud services you have continuous access to the data no matter where you are and at what time you are accessing it. This makes sure that all your businesses operations are running smoothly.


The cloud services of Sydney enable you to take control of the access of your data. You could define the privileges which would define who can view, modify or remove the data. This is how people working on the same projects have various rights and the integrity of the data is not compromised. The flexible nature of the cloud makes it suitable for the employees to work from any location and they do no need to be in office to access the data.

Automatic updates:

The cloud service providers make sure that latest technologies and updates are given to the clients and usually these do not have any additional charges but are included in the fee package that you already are given. This is how you do not need to worry about manual updates.