pour on gravel binder

Pour on gravel binder is a handy method to stabilise and bind loose gravel. It is, in fact, a powerful and modern approach which is not harmful at all. It is a pouring resin which is used on gravel or even stones to stop migration. It also reduced noise by providing a clean surface. The gravel is most commonly used to create attractive and low maintenance gravel landscaping. In contrast, Pour On is a perfect polyurethane gravel binder which is used to get an ideal surface made of resin stone. Pour On is considered being one of the best and widely used gravel resins which applied to the purpose of stabilising gravel. Usually, pour on offers two versions: amber and clear. Amber, compared to clarity, is not much pricey.

While installing the stones, it is highly essential to check whether we wash the embellishing stones. Checking the diameter between 1 and 10mm is also necessary. We use pour on gravel binder for various purposes. When used for the sake of adornment, the binder is just installed over the existing stones on soil or any other garden surface. We recommend it to use stone about 10mm larger for decorating. The essential criteria for using Pour-On are that the gravel ought to be graded as one sized and should be cleaned immaculately with no dust particles.

Steps to use it

  •   First, it is essential to remove the debris to make a stone pathway. This can be done by levelling the floor with the help of a broom. For the sake of the new application, spread 40mm depth of 10mm clean gravel.
  •   Use a bucket having holes to pour the resin on stones
  •   We recommend it to smoothen the rocky and bumpy areas with the help of a towel

 Recommendation for ideal resin bound.

Pour on Gravel Resin is considered being perfect for creating adorned landscaping. It is ideal in the sense that one can save one’s time and the expenditure. It is unnecessary to remove the existing surface, and the current surface has to be dry and clean for a new application. We can use it up to 10mm.


For a homemaker with some aesthetics the pour on binder is a great choice. It gives beauty and spender to the landscape that you own. Many people who want the best things to happen on their premises use the pour on gravel. The smooth, clean and clear appearance makes it a treat to cherish. The choice of the binder depends upon the financial affordability. The overall impact in all the cases is the same. If you want to experiment with this binder you would definitely love the experience provided you handle it carefully.