Best and Worst Cards In Clash Royale Hack

Have you ever thought what were the best and worst of cards in Clash Royale Hack? Of course, if you just started playing so difficult as you asked this question, but in time you’ll see that you will notice the same which cards are often used and which over time are abandoned. It ‘s just as well in all the games of this genre, why create a collection of totally balanced cards is impossible.
But to know what are the most used in Arenas great cards Clash Royale is an advantage because that way you’ll know which upgrades spend your gold card and for what it’s worth spending 2000 gold.
First I want to ask you a premise on so-called “exchanges of Elixir,” otherwise you will not understand much of the guidance and the reasons that led me to draw this positive Elixir classified. Scampi: What are these?
The Elixir exchanges relate to practice to the comparison between the elixir used by the player A to counter the paper utilized by the player B, with the Elixir used precisely by the latter. If Player A can counter the other’s card without damage to the towers and to spend less Elixir, then it makes a real exchange of Elixir.
Just to give an example, if your opponent launches Barrel Goblin (5 Elixir) on the tower and you kill them in time with the arrows (3 Elixir) undergoing only the damage from the barrel crash. T hen you will have made a positive exchange of 2 Elixir, which you can use to plan your attack. It ‘something to be reckoned with, because these exchanges are precisely what makes the difference between victory and defeat!
Now that we have clarified this part, let’s start by looking at the ten municipalities and Rare cards best Clash Royale hack at badgamesinc, to figure out which card to strengthen and take in Clan.

10 Best Common Cards and Rare Clash Royale Hack:

Arrows have always been among the most used cards in the game in all arenas. This spell has a very high value as it costs only 3 Elixir and can almost always afford to make real exchanges of Elixir if used correctly.
It has the very broad area of ​​action, which allows you to inflict damage to many troops simultaneously. Imagine you use the arrows on a horde of Minions and the Goblin Lancers, this will earn you instantly 4 Elixir.
So it is no surprise that the arrows are one of the most used cards Gioco.
Barbara: This card has always been very attractive and also excellent. For only 5 Elixir, you can field a four mighty Barbarians. Why powerful? It considers that a level 8 Barbaro has 579 HP and inflicts 96 damage per second (DPS).
So 4 of them together make 2316 HP and 384 DPS, and no other paper can assure you of the same values. Now, what makes the unique Barbarians is not their potential in attack, but the one on defense.
I can beat some of the strongest offensive combinations in the game, including the Prince, tamer of wild boars, PEKKA, Golem, Giant Skeleton and so on. Here’s why you so often see in TV Royale.
Dominator of boards: The trainer is undoubtedly the best card to attack Clash Royale. Has good strength, is very fast, powerful and can aim directly at the Tower of the Crown.
This makes it very frustrating, especially if you do not have to use other defensive buildings to distract him. But that’s not all, look more “scary” is that only 4 Elixir coast! So it can play a significant role in those games where you’re ahead regarding Elixir.
Goblin Lancers: This paper is among the least expensive of the match and also among the best. It may be the first card you play without spending too Elixir to do a little reconnaissance on the enemy deck. The three Goblin Lancers together are also useful to give panforte against airborne troops if used together with resistant units such as the Golem, the Giant, etc.
They are also an excellent way to make real exchanges of Elixir. For example, if your opponent attacks you with a Mini PEKKA, you can just deploy Goblin Lancers so they can at the same time damaging it with the tower and distract him, bringing over 2 Elixir.
You can let the dragon puppy enemy attacks the tower and use the Goblin Lancers to bring it down before it can inflict severe damage. In this way, the tower lost a bit ‘of HP but you gain 2 Elixir, and you’ve already deployed Goblin Lancers who remained illness.
Archery: Charter similar to Goblin Lancers just described, but it costs 1 Elixir more. However, the cost is justified by the fact that they are top ranks. They inflict more damage and have more HP. For example, the Goblin Lancers level 8 have 100 HP, while the Archers level 8 have 241. However, the levels